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What is your privacy policy?

At Milzy Motorsports we value your security and privacy. We will never sell or otherwise distribute your personal information to anyone at anytime.


What is your pricing policy?

The prices listed on this website are FOB Dayton, Ohio, payable in U.S. dollars. All quantity price breaks apply per individual item only. Sorry, no mixing for lower prices. Large quantity pricing is available, call for quotations. Due to market fluctuation and the possibility of errors, pricing on this website may not be accurate. In these cases, Milzy Motorsports is not obligated to honor inaccurate pricing. To verify accurate current pricing, please email MikeM@milzymotorsports.com.  Use of items on the site such as "custom order" or "custom discount" are subject to review of pricing by Milzy Motorsports to make sure the pricing is accurate before shipment is made.


What is your minimum order?

No minimum order in the US and Canada. $100 minimum order is required for all international orders.


What are your payment methods?

PAYPAL: When PayPal is the payment method, the ship-to address must match the PayPal account bill-to address. PayPal Payments are charged when order is submitted and immediately deducted from your PayPal account unless an PayPal E-Check is used. PayPal orders will only be processed after payment clears (E-Checks may take up to 5+ business days to clear). Once a PayPal order is paid for it can not be changed. Over payments and credit for items not shipped are refunded to PayPal account. Review PayPal options/Establish a PayPal Account.

PREPAID: You can send in a money order, bank check, company check, or personal check with your order. Please be aware that We must hold all orders paid in this method until the check has cleared; please allow two weeks. Please make sure the check has a preprinted physical address (no P.O. Box or write in full address), telephone number (home or business with area code). Financial Institution may be drawn off of US, Canadian, Puerto Rican or Virgin Islands (U.S.) banks. There will be a $20.00 returned check charge added to the face amount of any check returned to Milzy Motorsports, plus any legal fees incurred.  Milzy Motorsports LLC reserves the right to refuse accepting credit card, paypal, or check payments from customers who have a history of problems with transactions with MMS or any of its affiliates. These customers can still make purchases, but their payment method is limited to cash or guaranteed funds like USPS Money Orders.

CREDIT CARDS:  You can pay by credit card by using the website or by calling Mike Miller the owner of Milzymotorsports at 937-671-7345, and placing the order over the phone.

PAYMENT PLANS/DEPOSITS:  Unfortunately, we cannot ship any items until they are fully paid for, but we do accept payments towards the purchase of any product we offer.  The product(s) would be shipped once fully paid for.  Quotes are good for a period of 90 days.  If the pricing of an item changes during the course of the payment plan which has extended past this 90 days, and this item is not fully paid for, then this price difference will be added to the total cost of the item on the original invoice.  If the customer agrees to a payment schedule, and misses payments for over 6 months without pre-approval from Milzy Motorsports, whatever payments have been made will be forfeit.  For projects, an initial payment needs to be made for work to begin, and this payment will need to be 100% of the parts value and 20% of the total labor.  This is to ensure we have every part we need to complete the project.  If the vehicle is stored for more than a month waiting for the total payments to reach this threshold, storage costs will be charged, unless other arrangements have been made in writing with MMS beforehand.


Is there sales tax?

We are required by law to collect 7% Ohio state sales tax from any purchase made from within the state of Ohio.  Ohio businesses must submit a tax exempt certificate to avoid being charged sales tax.


How does the core exchange system work?

Many of our products are basically a modified version of a stock part.  These would be things like tuned PCM's, ported intakes, cylinder heads, modified heater tubes, throttle bodies etc.  Having a core exchange program means that we don't have to charge you for the cost of the stock part itself, just the cost of the modification we do to the part.  When you order a part with a core exchange, you can either opt to send your stock part in beforehand, or pay the core charge.  If you opt to send your part in first, we will wait until your part gets here, and then modify the part you sent in, and send it back.  This process usually takes longer than paying the core charge, so if you want your parts sooner, paying the core charge is always faster.  If you pay the core charge, we modify a part we have here and send it to you.  Once you're happy with the new part, mail the stock part back, and after we inspect the part, we will refund the core charge.  If the core is in good condition for us to do our modification to it without any extra repairs, we refund full value.  If it's a cylinder head, it can have bent valves, broken valve springs, even worn valve guides, and still be ok, but if there is damage to the combustion chamber that will not be cleaned up by the porting we do, or if the head is cracked, no core refund will be given.  If it's a minor problem like a broken bolt in the head, we will assess the cost to fix this, and refund the difference.  Cracked intakes will not be accepted as cores.  PCM's that have damaged hardware internally or externally will not be accepted, nor will PCM's locked by other vendors.  If you have any questions regarding the core charge of a damaged part, contact mikem@milzymotorsports.com.  When you send a core back in, you'll need to fill out the included Core Return Form, which helps us identify your order, and lets us know your selected form of payment - check or paypal.  Cores are to be received by us within 15 business days of the date you receive the item.  This means once the item is delivered to you, you have 3 weeks to get the core(s) back in our hands.  Failure to do so will result in loss of core charge, as we replace the missing cores after the 3 weeks has expired.


Do you accept returns or refunds?

All returns or refunds must be authorized first and are subject to a 25% restocking fee.  If a product has shipped, shipping costs will not be refunded, and customer is responsible for the shipping back to Milzy Motorsports to return a product.  We need atleast a week's notice in order to cancel an order.  This means that if the refund request is made through e-mail, we may not see this request by the time we ship out the order, due to the current e-mail response time.  This is the reason we need atleast a week's notice.  There are no returns or refunds on custom orders.  Custom orders consist of any item not found on the website, purchased from another company, powdercoated items, or one of the items listed on our website which is noted as a custom order in that product's description.  Products like these are things like engines and transmissions, turbo kits, and other items that are built to order. If a customer wishes to return or cancel an order on any product where we modify a stock core, and the work has already been done to the core(s), the core(s) will be forfeit.  The only exception to this rule would be a PCM, as we can easily re-flash the pcm with the customer's original file.  If you have any problem with your part(s) once you receive them, please email us at MikeM@milzymotorsports.com.  We try to process returns and refunds as fast as we can, but please note it may take up to 30 days to process your return.


Can you guys install all the products on your website?

Yes, we can install any and all of the products we sell at our facility at 43 Pierce Ave, West Carrollton OH 45449.  Our currently hourly rate is $100/hr.  We have a minimum 1 hr charge for any work being performed.


What about shipping vehicles to and from Milzy Motorsports' facility?

Many of our customers have vehicles which currently do not run, and our customers want them fixed or swapped with a more powerful or better engine or transmission swap, or other performance modification.  Most of the time, the most economical way to move these non-running vehicles is vehicle transport.  Customers can set up their own transport, but we've been having cars transported for a while now, so we can also make suggestions.  We're not affiliated with any transport companies, so we make no money on any commission for transport.  So customers are free to schedule any transport of their car to our facility, with some conditions:  We need about two weeks notice to make accommodations/room for the vehicle.  We also need the vehicle to fulfill all of the requirements listed in the next section (below).  If you are transporting your vehicle from Milzy Motorsports, there are a couple additional conditions that need to be met: 

  • Again we still need atleast two weeks notice to move things around and get things ready
  • The bill must be fully paid before pick-up is arranged
  • Since the customer is not here to do the final inspection of the car, a scan of the car running and operating normally will serve as the proof that the car is fully functional, and the visual inspection form will serve as proof of the current condition of the vehicle prior to transport (in case of any scratches, dents, or other damage)


What are your requirements for the condition of the vehicles arriving to your facility?

We know that cars are getting shipped here or driven here to get fixed, but in order to satisfy the local laws, limit our liability, and make our lives a little easier, we do have a few requirements for cars arriving at our shop.
  • Vehicle must have proper registration in the state or country it's coming from
  • License plate(s) with expiration stickers must be installed on vehicle
  • Plates have to be current/not expired.  If they expire while the vehicle is still here, they need to be renewed.
  • Vehicles must be insured for atleast theft and fire while sitting at our shop as MMS is not liable for damage or theft of customers' vehicles.
  • When the vehicle is close to being finished, it must have normal insurance on it so we can test-drive it without issues.
  • All vehicles must have tires which hold air (without leaks) when it arrives.  If tires need to be replaced, we will contact customer, and replace them at the customer's expense.
  • We also recommend that the vehicle have a good battery, but can accommodate if one is needed
  • The vehicles gas tank should not be completely empty when it arrives (atleast 1/4 tank), unless the vehicle is here for a fuel pump installation, in which case we'd prefer less than 1/4 tank.  We will fill vehicles with fuel if necessary, and this will be added to the bill along with a $10 fee to go get the fuel.
  • There shouldn't be any valuables in the car that don't need to be there, as MMS is not responsible for lost or stolen items
  • There should be no illegal drugs or other substances in the vehicle.
  • If your car has wheel locks, please leave the wheel lock key in the glove-box or center console.
  • If you're shipping a vehicle here, we would appreciate atleast 24hrs notice, preferably a few days, and would appreciate being put in touch with the transport company so we can coordinate when exactly the car will be arriving.


What if you're working on my car, and additional parts or labor are required?

According to Ohio Law, we are only allowed to go over budget by up to 10% of the invoice total before we have to contact the customer and make a new quoted for the additional parts and labor, so the customer can approve the increased amount.  So if additional parts or labor are necessary to finish the work on the vehicle, and the total of this additional work is equal to or less than 10% of the previous invoice total, we can make the decision to move forward without speaking to the customer.  Above this 10% threshold however, we need explicit approval from the customer to move forward with the additional parts and labor.  If we advise a customer that additional parts and labor are required, and they refuse the additional work, then Milzy Motorsports cannot fully complete the work, and will not be able to warranty any parts and/or labor that would require the additional work to operate properly.


What is your shipping policy?

We require full payment before we can ship out an order.  Lead-time varies from product to product to please check the description of the product for estimated lead-time or contact MikeM@milzymotorsports.com for current inventory information.  Our minimum lead-time to ship any order is within 48hrs (2 business days) of when the order was placed,  All orders will ship via either USPS Priority or UPS Ground at the discretion of Milzy Motorsports LLC, unless noted otherwise.  Large orders or anything that needs freight shipping will be quoted on a case by case basis.  We ship internationally, but do not ship freight internationally.  Once orders are shipped, the customer will be sent tracking information by the shipping company.  We reserve the right to review and modify shipping costs if the shipping costs charged are shown to be inaccurate.  If we charged too much on an order, we will refund the difference, and likewise if we did not charge enough, we will contact the customer to have them pay the difference between the quoted shipping price and actual price.  If you have any questions about shipping, including how to set up expedited shipping, please email us at MikeM@milzymotorsports.com.


What is your warranty policy?

PARTS:   All Milzy Motorsports products sold on this website are warranteed for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship, unless otherwise noted in the item description. The warranty provides for a replacement product or refund only, and does not cover labor or any other costs. Purchaser and Installer assume all liability with regard to any and all damages in any way related to the handling, installation, and/or use of these products. All non-Milzy Motorsports branded products on this website carry the original warranties from the original manufacturers, and any and all claims must be handled directly with the original manufacturer.  All products sold on this website are intended for off-road use only. We do not warrant the durability/longevity/effect of these products on any portion of the customer's vehicle. All liability and any possible issues arising are implied to be at the customer's expense.

LABOR:   All labor performed by Milzy Motorsports shall be warranteed for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of installation completion against any mishandling or misinstallation of the parts to be installed.  If the customer has a problem with an installation that Milzy Motorsports performed, they can bring it back in and have the installation problem corrected with no charge to them.  If it is found that the cause of the problem was not an installation error, the customer will be liable for the cost of the labor incurred as well as any parts or materials used.  This warranty does not cover any costs the customer may incur when taking the vehicle to another shop for diagnosis or repair


Do you charge for storage?

We do not charge for storage while a vehicle is actively being worked on.  If a customer still owes us for the work done to their vehicle, then we would need to store the vehicle inside our shop.  Also if we don't feel comfortable storing a car outside due to its value or the components on the car, then it will also need to be stored inside.  Any project partially completed, but awaiting payment, that remains delinquent for more than 30 days after request for a payment to be made towards the balance will be stored inside at the customer's expense, and this amount will be added to their bill.  Whether we have to store a vehicle inside or outside our shop, we charge $50 per day for storage, starting 3 days after the work is completed.  If a project is cancelled before or during work is being completed, customer will be responsible for storage costs from the last time the vehicle was worked on until the car leaves the MMS facility.


What do I do if I want an update on an existing order or project?

We have just created a new system for Lead-times and Updates, which we will be implementing on all new orders starting April 26, 2021, and will be used as a general guideline for all open orders, even older ones.  We will be adding a summarized version to this Policy page in the near future, but for now here is a link to the new policies being implemented:    www.milzymotorsports.com/lead-times-and-updates/

For the sake of transparency, the previous policies are listed below:

If you'd like an update, you can call Mike Miller, owner of Milzy Motorsports at 937-671-7345 or send us an e-mail at mikem@milzymotorsports.com .  When we receive an update request, our protocol is to get you the answers you're looking for before responding.  This takes longer to respond, but it means we don't have to say "I don't know", or "We'll have to get back to you", and then have to remember or make a note to call you back.  Doing it this way would require more phone calls, which would slow down the process of filling your order.  So instead, we will get the update information needed, and then reply to your update request, or maybe we'll just respond with a tracking number.  The main objective is to get you the information to you as quickly and efficiently as possible.  So to make things more efficient, please have all your order information ready including order number, item ordered, date ordered, etc.  Also we ask that customers refrain from calling or e-mailing over and over again on the same day.  Please call or e-mail one time, and then wait for a reply.  We've put together a list of guidelines to help streamline the communication process, which you can find here … www.milzymotorsports.com/communication-guidelines/

If the update is about a long-term project, we will typically give updates as we reach certain milestones in the project.  These could be updates like "your engine is built", "we've finished fabricating your turbo kit, and will be shipping it to ceramic coating", and finally "your car's done, when did you want to drive it home?"  We like to give updates when we complete these tasks as it's usually good news, and it's easy to report about things that happened in the past.  What is not easy to do is to predict what happens in the future.  So many factors go into trying to predict when a project will be done, and all it takes to hang up a whole project is one problem or one part.  For this reason, we do not set absolute deadlines for projects.  If you give us a date as a goal to finish the project by, we will do our best to reach that goal given our current work-load, and we will update you as we reach those critical milestones in the project, but we cannot promise or guarantee a project will be done by a certain date.


How long will it take to receive my parts?

We have just created a new system for Lead-times and Updates, which we will be implementing on all new orders starting April 26, 2021, and will be used as a general guideline for all open orders, even older ones.  We will be adding a summarized version to this Policy page in the near future, but for now here is a link to the new policies being implemented:    www.milzymotorsports.com/lead-times-and-updates/

For the sake of transparency, the previous policies are listed below:

Lead-times can vary drastically from one part to another.  Items we keep in stock like PCM's, thermostats, spark plugs, etc usually ship right away.  Items that are not stocked, or that are popular and are sold-out will take more time, typically 2-6 weeks.  Other products are built to order, and/or are custom made.  These products can take months or more to finish depending on what the part is and our current work-load/schedule.  If it's a custom part, we may not even estimate any sort of a finish date.  We try to keep accurate lead-time estimates in each of the product descriptions if we think it's going to be an issue, but we have about a thousand products on the website, so some products may not have lead-times listed in the description.  Also please note these estimated lead-times are just that ... estimates.  In the real world, circumstances can pop up which are beyond our control, but which can affect lead-times.  Also the time of year you order can affect lead-times as there are slow times and very busy times.  So if you'd like a current lead-time estimate on any of our products, just e-mail us at mikem@milzymotorsports.com .  Once the items are shipped, most orders will arrive at their destination 1-5 days after they were shipped, depending on the shipping method used, and the destination.


What if I want to make a change to my project after I've dropped it off?

This can be tricky as some parts can have a snow-balling affect where changing a part can cause a need for a list of other parts to be changed accordingly.  The first thing that needs to happen to make a change is to contact MMS about the concern.  If you know what changes you want to make, we will consider them and let you know what we think.  If you are unsure of exactly what is needed, we will make suggestions.  We will do everything possible to make the changes the customer wants.  We will need atleast two weeks notice to make these changes.  This means if your car is scheduled to be worked on within the next two weeks, and it is a major change, this could result in having to re-schedule the work to be done at a later date.  If this happens, MMS cannot be liable for any resulting delay that takes place.  If for some reason we are unable to make the changes the customer requested, or feel they are dangerous or harmful to the customer or vehicle, then we will inform the customer of this and provide the reason we have concluded this.  In general, it's usually pretty easy to make small changes like "hey while you're in there, can you check out the brakes and suspension".  Conversely if we are almost completed with a build, it's a different result when the customer says "can I upgrade to the MMS raceblock instead of the stock engine?"

After the changes are reviewed and approved by MMS, we will then put this in writing in the form of an e-mail, and have the customer either approve these parts and their cost in writing, or pay for the cost of these items up front, on a case by case basis.


What do I do if I have a problem with my order?

If you have any sort of a problem with an order or any of our products, the first thing you should do is contact us via e-mail to let us know about it.  You can call if you'd like, but we always like to have a paper-trail if there is a problem, so if we do have a phone conversation, we usually will follow up with an e-mail summarizing the conversation.  Having a written record of the problem is good for both parties.  If you don't contact us immediately after a problem, it's possible that this could void the terms of the warranty of that product.  For instance, if you buy an engine, and notice a hole in the oil pan, and proceed to drive the car anyways, and you blow the engine up, then the act of not telling us about the problem would void the warranty on the engine.  We also advise that you not go to the internet for advice about problems with our products because this advice is not sanctioned by us, and following bad advice can take longer to solve the problem, or cause other issues in the process.  So just contact us, and let us know what kind of problem you're having, whether it's a problem with fitment, or warranty, or getting your car to start after you install the new PCM, or whatever it is.  We try to take care of problems quickly, and usually can work something out quickly to help the customer.  It's important that when notifying us of a problem that you be 100% honest about the issues you're having, so we can find and fix the problem quickly.  Otherwise, lying tends to slow things down, or even stop help on our end.  So we do everything we can to help customers solve any problem they have with our products or our website, but if for some reason, you feel we cannot provide you the solutions you need, it is within your rights to take it up with the Better Business Bureau, or any other party you see fit, or even to take legal action.  We recommend that these courses of action be the last resort after all other opportunities have been exhausted.  In the case of legal action, if a customer expresses to us that they will be taking legal action against Milzy Motorsports, then we will warn them that this will result in progress on their parts/project stopping immediately, and that we will no longer be communicating with them directly, instead all future communications will go through the lawyers.  Then we will ask the customer if they would like to proceed with this course of action after the warning is given.  If a customer chooses to post publicly that they will be taking legal action, then there will be no warning/second chance option available.  Progress and direct communication will cease, and the lawyers can handle it from there.


We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.