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So one issue that I have ran into over the last year with this business is the sheer amount of update requests that come in every day.  On average, we're currently getting 160-200 update requests per week, from a rotating group of about 80 customers on average, who each request an update at an average rate of one request every 3 days.  I do not have the time necessary to respond to each of these updates because if I did this, I would literally spend every minute of my time replying to these updates and left zero time to do the work the update would be about in the first place.

In order to combat this issue, I've decided to post our tentative schedule, which I will update every week.  The schedule will consist of 2 weeks previous to the update , and 4 weeks into the future.  It will outline the work we need to do over the next 4 weeks as well as the actual work completed in the previous 2 weeks.  We have several goals to achieve with this new posted schedule:

  • Hopefully this will cut down on the number of update requests, since customers will be able to see our plans for the future, freeing me up to have more time to do the work I'm getting paid to do instead of spending all my time doing updates which I'm not getting paid for.
  • Customers will have a better comprehension of cause and effect when it comes to lead-time
  • Customers can then make their own estimates of when a project might be completed based off the current status and the current lead-time information.
  • In providing customers very detailed estimates for the future, I think this will help the day to day operation of Milzy Motorsports to stay more organized as well.

Now I will point out that things seldom go precisely as planned, and I guarantee this schedule will have atleast minor changes on a daily basis, due to the need to adapt to certain circumstances that come up.  We will not be updating the schedule every day or every hour to announce these changes, but we will be updating the website every week.  The actual day it gets updated will vary depending on workload, but days with red background are in the past, and grey are the future.


Schedule updated 11-22-19.  Our next update will not happen until after Thanksgiving weekend.  I apologize for the crudeness of the way I had to do this, but the website features for doing a table like this are extremely archaic, and not easy to edit, so I needed a way that I can edit easily if I have to do it every week.  We're still trying to work out some bugs with this process, so hopefully we can get these resolved soon.